5 Dirt Cheap Photography Accessories to Put a Smile on Your Face

Happy Halloween everyone! Here in Sydney Australia, it’s definitely a day all the kid are looking forward to, for a perfect excuse to be a little naughty: ‘Trick or treat!’ For all the naughty photographers out there, I’ve prepared 5 dirt cheap photography accessories that will be fun and engaging from a Chinese drop shipping website gearbest.com

(Allow me to venture beyond the 35mm lens topic today for a bit of fun!)

1. Universal Rotating Camera Bracket

Install it on a skateboard…or anything

This Mars explorer looking thing is not expensive and can be made out of your garage. The core piece is this rotating arm piece in the middle, which allow you to point the camera to an angle and adjust height, etc. Put it on a skateboard or a caddy (anything with wheels) and shoot some cool camera-pan effects.

For a dirt cheap price, you can also mount it to the hot shoe and have a cool ‘off camera flash’ setup in no time. All for under $10 USD. Can you believe it!

Great off-camera flash setup

2. Handheld Stabilizer

Video stabilizer indoor / night or swap the light with a microphone for interviewing 

This USD $16 hand held stabilizer is a good small investment to try videography or video blogging with your existing cameras or even smart phones (a separate bracket is need for smartphones). It allows you to hold the camera much more comfortably with one hand, so as to reduce camera shake. I reckon it will be sufficiently good with modern image stabilization technologies build in many main stream cameras.

The hot shot on top allows you to put a light there for indoor. night or other low light shooting conditions. Alternatively swap it with a microphone to capture better sound quality. With this device you are able to lower the camera comfortably to shoot some cool low perspective videos. Useful for creating ‘front ground element’ when shooting landscapes.

3. Rotational Time Lapse Device

Rotation plus time lapse – does it get any cooler?

I have never seen anything cooler in capturing stunning landscapes. A rotation time-lapse device that sits between your camera and a tripod. (For small cameras and GoPros, it can sit directly on a flat surface as shown in the photo above.)

Cost? under USD $20.

I found the below video (from a different, most likely more expensive brand) that explains how this works.

4. DSLR Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

This is more expensive than the C shaped stabilizer because of the way it functions is more advanced. It is an ‘active’ stabilizer which means the counter-weight at the bottom moves the camera actively when your hand causes it to shake. It works by replacing high frequency, rapid movements with slower swings which can then be corrected further by software in camera or in video post-production.

At a price of US$75, It is a more serious stabilizer before you move on to a ‘Gimbal’ style stabilizer. The gimbals that can handle DSLRs weight starts from around US$$400.  If stabilization is something you wish to improve on, why don’t you give this a try to see if it meets your requirement at a fraction of what a gimbal will cost you.

5. Halloween Theme Background Cloth

A US$10 backdrop creates a memorable photo

Your Halloween party will be remembered for a long, long time if you offer kids photos in front of this Pumpkin themed backdrop in their Halloween costumes. As a memorable gift to your friends and their children, the photos showcase your studio portrait skills as well as making the children very very happy. Trust me they will call you the next day and ask if the photos are ready.

For the entrepreneur-minded photographers, this backdrop together with your existing flashlight and camera makes a good event photography business.  

The backdrop size is (L x W): 210.00 x 150.00 / 82.68 x 59.06 inches. You can put it on a backdrop stand (which is available from places online) or DIY: Place it over a PVC pipe suspended from your curtain rail; pin it over a hallway door frame, there are 101 ways to set it up during your house party.


I love trying out photography accessories and enjoys online shops that gives me the opportunity to ‘test out’ things cheaply before I invest into similar equipment.

The downside is that I noted some online feedback indicate postal services from overseas is not very consistent and can take a long time. This is why I do not recommend buying expensive or time-critical items from these drop shipping websites. Personally, my orders (earphones, electronic toys, drones, etc) from GearBest has been received within the timeframe indicated on the product page.

To me, being able to spend $10 and try out some new gadgets out weights the risk of occasional delays. What cool little gadgets did you discover? Leave me a comment below.

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