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Secret revealed: how do I manage to keep this website profitable?


Eric Qian

Hi there, my name is Eric.

Born and raised in Shanghai, I have been living in Sydney, Down Under my entire adult life. I am a little embarrassed to say this, but I did not discover the magic of photography until I was 23 when I finally saved up to own my 1st DSLR camera (a Canon 1000D). Over the years I have photographed almost everything coming my way,  including everywhere I visited when travelling, about 500 Sydney Opera House portraits from different angles (I work close by) and quite a few big Aussie spiders and reptiles in macro mode. My travel photography in Su Zhou, China was featured in Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer magazine, this inspired me a lot. I have a small collection of cameras and lenses but have never used them enough to justify for the price I paid. It is not until my interest in photography shifted to social documentary and street photography that I realized all I need was a small, pocket-sized camera with a 35mm lens. That was my moment of zen in photography.

about this website

When I’m not taking photos I’d like to read about what others have written about photography. Then one day I decided I have so much to share that I should switch from a reader to a writer. This website is dedicated to all you ‘minimalist’ photographers out there who take photos (almost) exclusively with a 35mm fixed lens. There is just so much you can do with this magical focal length, from environmental portrait to candid street photography, social documentary, travel, landscape, even wedding, you get the idea. This website focuses on the art of photography itself for the purpose of improving photography skills and exploring new possibilities. It is about finding every possible way to enjoy the experience of taking photos with a 35mm lens to the fullest.

my goal

My ultimate goal is to enjoy 35mm lens photography and connect with like-minded people through this website. I hope more and more people will discover the joy of minimalist photography with a single, compact 35mm lens. It’s a niche of tomorrow.

The other challenge I have set for myself is to push myself forward as a better social documentary photographer by putting my portfolio and my thoughts on the web. I am in the process of organizing my first photo exhibition here in Sydney in June 2019. I will be posting my project on this website to keep myself motivated.

All the best,

Eric Qian

p.s. If you are wondering how do I manage to keep this website profitable,  I revealed my ‘secret’.

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