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35mm lens photography tips and tricks

How To Improve Your Photography Skills Fast

Improvement of photography skills can happen naturally over time. As you take more photos, read more about photography, attend more exhibitions, beneficial experiences accumulate. If you are reading this article, I believe you desire more than that. You are determined and driven to improve your photography skills so your pursuit in photography reaches a new […]

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The Fastest Way to Learn Photography Storytelling

Introducing all the types, elements and artistic value of photography storytelling. Comprehensive tips to start your own photography storytelling project.

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35mm Lens Landscape Photography: an Aesthetic Choice

35mm lenses are not the widest among wide angle lenses that are capable of capturing stunning panoramas. But they have something else on offer 14mm lenses do not. It is not the physical weight or size differential I wish to discuss here, but something more fundamental to the visual art photographers use them to create: […]

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5 Top Accessories for Lightweight Photography in 2018

Photography is about the experience as much as the end result, so I am all for a lightweight, minimalist approach. Leave at home the big photography backpack with full-frame DSLRs, heavy lenses and bulky tripods, replace them with your casual outfit, a slick camera bag and a digital rangefinder with a 35mm lens (Fujifilm XE3 […]

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Knowing Your Digital Camera: Tips for Experienced Users

Are you using your digital camera to its full extent? Did you pay for the latest and greatest gear but only use the features available 5 years ago? I will help experienced photographers find out what you are missing out. #1 Knowing the ‘Expanded Limits’ Forget about the thrill of reading all the marketing material […]

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